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When I started getting into trouble I became pretty acclimated to legal procedures. Calling my attorney and working out bail was just another way to spend a Saturday night. Unfortunately, the stiffer the charges, the more difficult it was to talk my way out of a bad situation. After so many charges, I found myself slapped with a long jail sentence, and I realized that I wanted to turn things around. Fortunately, my lawyer was able to walk me through yet another process, so that I could make the right changes. My blog discusses how to emotionally cope with legal issues so that you can start living a good life.



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Coping With Legal Issues

Strange Product Liability Cases And How They Prove That You Can Sue For Almost Anything

by Lillian Wheeler

Product liability cases are the result of products that either do not live up to their advertised hype, or they cause damage or harm to people and things. These cases make up a large percentage of many personal injury cases, seconded only by car/truck accident cases. If you are wondering if you have a product liability case worth pursuing, speak first with a product liability attorney. Then, check out some more of the most bizarre product liability cases in history, which prove that you can sue over almost anything.

Forty-Plus Cases of Rodents in Cola Bottles

While some may claim that this is an urban legend, it is not. It has happened around the world, and it is not exclusive to just one cola company. Almost all of the major cola companies have been hit with lawsuits by consumers who either found parts or a complete rodent inside their bottles of cola. As disgusting as it sounds, it does happen, and it is a product liability because rodent parts and rodents carry diseases that can make you very sick.

Burned by Overly Hot Fast Food Restaurant Coffee

If you have been through a drive-thru recently and ordered coffee, you may be surprised by the employees telling you that the coffee is really hot. Well, duh, but the reason for this is the infamous burned-by-hot-coffee-case from 1992, although dozens of other people have been burned by hot coffee from fast food joints prior to and since. The point for the employees telling you that the coffee is hot is to relinquish all liability in the event that you were told and attempted to drink the coffee anyway. Still, you should not be burned by anything you order to eat or drink. Hence, these types of product liability lawsuits continue.

Poisoned by Pain Reliever

Prior to the establishment of laws that regulate the sealing lids and caps on over-the-counter pain relievers, a liability case was created against a well-known manufacturer of pain relieving medicine. People became very ill and some even died as a result. It was later discovered that the pills had been purchased previously, tainted by someone, and then returned to store shelves as "unused product." The company was sued, forced to pay millions of dollars in compensation, and then turned around and sued the suspect who was finally caught in the act of poisoning more pills and returning the pills to various stores.

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