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When I started getting into trouble I became pretty acclimated to legal procedures. Calling my attorney and working out bail was just another way to spend a Saturday night. Unfortunately, the stiffer the charges, the more difficult it was to talk my way out of a bad situation. After so many charges, I found myself slapped with a long jail sentence, and I realized that I wanted to turn things around. Fortunately, my lawyer was able to walk me through yet another process, so that I could make the right changes. My blog discusses how to emotionally cope with legal issues so that you can start living a good life.



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Coping With Legal Issues

Child Custody Changes And The Importance Of Working With A Family Lawyer

by Lillian Wheeler

If you have been divorced for some time and you are looking to change a custody arrangement, doing so can be difficult. Once a judge determines what custody is going to be, the order is considered final unless there has been significant changes in the circumstances of either party. This is considered a material change in circumstance, and this can be both good changes and bad changes. You will need to prove that the changes you have made in your life warrant a change in custody, and that this is in the best interest of the children involved. If your children are older, their wishes are also taken into consideration when you are looking to change custody.

When There Is a Custodial Emergency

There are times when one parent is no longer able to take care of the needs of the children for any reason. If the individual suddenly takes off, or they are incarcerated, this is a clear material change in circumstance that warrants an emergency response. You have the right to go to court for a temporary change in custody when the other custodian is not currently able to parent the children you share. If you get full custody and the ex doesn't return, the custody arrangement becomes permanent.

The Wishes of Your Children

You may share custody with an ex who is harsh on the children, or who really doesn't have their best interests at heart. When you have a child who is hitting their teenage years who expresses a need to live with one parent more, this can be enough to take your case back to court. Child custody is supposed to be in the best interest of the children, and when they express a desire to live with one parent over another, this is not a decision your child has taken lightly. As your child gets even older, their wishes are taken even more seriously.

How Your Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer can address the specifics surrounding your material change in circumstances and work to provide you with the guidance you need to file for a change in custody. Together you can develop a strategy to address custody issues and try to work out with the other party a better custody arrangement.

Custody is about protecting the children, keeping them safe, and giving them the space they need to grow and succeed. When custody needs to change, it's time to find a family lawyer who can help. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Law Offices of Athina K. Powers.