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Coping With Legal Issues

Informaion About Apostilles

by Lillian Wheeler

If you are going to be traveling, working, or living in another country, then you may need an apostille. Other times when you may need an apostille include when you are going to be getting married in that country, purchasing a home or property there, or taking care of business dealings there. If you are unclear about what an apostille is, then continue on with this reading to become better familiarized with the subject.

What an apostille is

An apostille gives authentication to a document. The apostille comes in the form of an actual certificate. Some other things to know about the apostille itself include:

  • They are only valid for the documents from one country
  • They can only be used in a country that's a party to the Apostille Convention
  • Documents requiring an apostille will be automatically rejected without one
  • Apostilles and accompanying documents take time to process
  • They cannot be used for the same country that issued them
  • Questions should be answered by the country they are going to be used in

What an apostille will cover

Some examples of the types of documents that an apostille will cover include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage licenses
  • Power of attorney
  • Tax documents
  • Business contracts and/or agreements
  • Background checks
  • Naturalization documents
  • Diplomas and degrees

There are different types of apostilles in the US

In the United States, apostilles on documents are submitted to either the Washington DC US Department of State or Secretary of State. Which one that handles the apostille will depend on the type of document.

There are also state apostilles in the United States

A state in the United States will be able to provide a state apostille, but will only be able to certify the signature of the signer on a document, not the actual document or the contents in that document itself. Also, the Secretary of State will only be able to authenticate the signature on a document that was issued in that state and which was overseen and signed by a notary public or a public official and/or their allowable deputies. Some examples of the public officials include:

  • Superior Court administrators
  • Superior Court executive clerks
  • Superior Court judges
  • State officials


If you have any information about a stateside apostille, then you are going to want to reach out to that state's Secretary of State office. If you have any questions about the apostille for another country, then your questions are going to need to be directed to that country.

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