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Coping With Legal Issues

Issues That Seniors Face When Divorcing

by Lillian Wheeler

Over the last several decades, the divorce rate among senior citizens has increased considerably. There may be many reasons for this, but regardless of the why, divorce is not easy. However, for seniors, there are unique challenges that they must face due to the point at which they are in during their lives. If you are considering dissolving your marriage later in life, here are a few things that you must take into consideration.

Financial Issues

For some senior citizens, the financial implications of divorce can be shocking. Living expenses can sometimes increase later in life, which can result in retirement plans being derailed or the home being lost due to living on one income. Older individuals who get divorced tend to also have a reduced amount of time to pay off their debt and recoup any possible losses. In addition, if they have already retired, seniors have a lower earning potential.

Social Security Issues

Senior citizens who have reached 62 years of age and have been married for at least a decade are able to collect retirement benefits through their ex-spouse's Social Security benefits without reducing their ex-spouse's benefits. In addition, there may be Social Security survivor benefits available once their ex-spouse passes away. Due to the fact that there are certain stipulations that must be met for these benefits to be available, it is important to speak with an attorney before dissolving the marriage to ensure that these benefits are on the table.

Insurance Issues

When couples get married, they generally appoint one another to handle their insurance matters, including updating policies, paying monthly bills, etc. Once the marriage is dissolved, the individual who was not in charge of these types of matters will need to obtain their own insurance. For the spouse who didn't handle these matters, the process can be particularly daunting.

Long-Term Issues

When considering a divorce as a senior citizen, it is important to think about preparing for long-term care and one's final wishes, among other similar issues. You will need to think about updating your estate plan throughout the divorce as well as after the divorce has been finalized. You may also want to think about planning for any expenses for long-term medical care, if it is necessary.

If a divorce in your golden years is something that is being considered, it is not recommended to do this on your own. Reach out to a divorce lawyer and schedule a consultation. Divorce is tricky on its own, but as an older individual, there are so many different factors that must be considered, things can be that much more complex.

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