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When I started getting into trouble I became pretty acclimated to legal procedures. Calling my attorney and working out bail was just another way to spend a Saturday night. Unfortunately, the stiffer the charges, the more difficult it was to talk my way out of a bad situation. After so many charges, I found myself slapped with a long jail sentence, and I realized that I wanted to turn things around. Fortunately, my lawyer was able to walk me through yet another process, so that I could make the right changes. My blog discusses how to emotionally cope with legal issues so that you can start living a good life.



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Coping With Legal Issues

Reaching The Wrong Conclusions About An Accident

by Lillian Wheeler

Friends and relatives are often full of advice after an accident. If you have been hurt by another driver's carelessness, you may be owed money but too much bad advice could create additional problems instead of compensation. Find out more so you won't reach the wrong conclusions about your accident case.

The Other Side Is Offering an Adequate Settlement

The amounts offered by the at-fault driver's insurance company may only sound generous at first. The insurers, though, only offer what they think you will take right away. It may be tempting to get things over with fast and take the money. The better way to do things is to speak to a personal injury lawyer. They can not only tell you how much more money you should be paid but they can also work with the other side to get you that money in a timely manner. Let someone who is looking out for you handle the settlement offer and not the people who are taking advantage of you.

You Don't Want to Pay an Attorney

Many accident victims think they can do things on their own without involving an attorney. However, this can be difficult for several reasons:

  • Victims may need to focus on healing from their injuries instead of getting involved in settlement negotiations.
  • Many people don't realize what their accident damages are or how much they are owed for each category of damage. For example, did you know that your medical expenses can be used to determine your pain and suffering award? That form of damage can be worth several times your medical expenses.
  • The other side may stop at nothing to prevent victims from being paid what they deserve. The insurer might allege that the victim is already hurt from a previous medical condition, for instance. Most victims are not prepared to fight against large insurers for a good settlement.

Legal Representation Is Too Expensive

Personal injury lawyers often use a contingency fee plan to help victims pay for their representation. That means victims don't pay the lawyer until the case is won. If the case is not won, the victims don't owe the lawyer any money. Victims have nothing to lose by seeking help and owe nothing upfront. Contingency fee plans use a percentage of the settlement to pay legal costs.

To get more wrong conclusions out of the way, speak to a personal injury law firm like Jones, Boykin & Associates, P.C. to find out more.