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Coping With Legal Issues

Three Ways You Can Suffer A Spinal Cord Injury From Medical Malpractice

by Lillian Wheeler

Spinal cord injuries can be crippling to your health. They can reduce the quality of your life and, in some circumstances, reduce your lifespan. People often think that these injuries involve traffic accidents with cars, motorcycles, and trucks, but the truth is that they can also come from medical malpractice. There are many ways you can suffer from a spinal cord injury in a hospital. The following are three of them.

Your spinal cord can be injured by an anesthesiologist

If you are having surgery, and you're receiving spinal anesthesia, an anesthesiologist can inject the needle into the wrong area of the spine. This can result in a hematoma, which is a collection of blood that will grow and place pressure on your spinal cord. This can lead to spinal cord damage. Often, it's not the anesthesiologist that is guilty of neglect but the doctor who failed to diagnose the developing problem in your spine.

Your spinal cord had an infection that was not diagnosed

A timely diagnosis of a spinal cord injury is critical for treatment. One way that your spinal cord can be injured is through an infection. The neglect will take the form of a delayed diagnosis of the problem. Often the symptoms are there, but a doctor neglects to run tests to determine whether it is an infection in the spinal cord. By the time a doctor discovers the issue, there is damage to the spinal cord. The result is a condition that you may have to live with for the rest of your life.

Your spinal cord can be injured from a fall in a hospital

Patients fall in hospitals more often than you realize. The neglect in this situation is hospital staff workers who see you fall, help you get back up, but do not report the fall to a doctor. The damage from the fall may be one or more of your vertebrae, and this leads to damage to your spinal cord. Perhaps not right away because it all can take time to show up as a spinal cord injury. But you were injured, and you did not get the treatment that you needed at the time of your fall. This is malpractice, and an attorney may be able to get you compensation.

If you believe that your spinal cord may have resulted from neglect by medical staff, you need to report this to a doctor so they can look at your spine. But you also need to find an attorney with experience in spinal cords. An attorney has knowledge of the various ways that you can be injured through neglect at a hospital. Negligence will have to be proven because accidents do happen. In some cases, it's the failure to report your fall in the hospital, in other cases, it was the neglect of failing to make a diagnosis that the doctor could have discovered by following proper procedure.

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